Current courses

Peace Education

We have developed a one week course on peace education focused programmes implementation and educational evaluation. The course is designed for teachers, youth and social workers.
For more information, contact Vicky Rossi: Vicky.Rossi [at]



Global Education – Human Rights and Intercultural Dimensions

The North South Centre of the Council of Europe through its Global Education programme and in cooperation with The Network University offered its first Global Education on-line training course in 2009. Since then three courses are offered annually for each of the two topics: 1) Human Rights dimension and 2) Intercultural dimension. These introductory online training courses on global education (GE), with a particular focus on human rights (HR) and intercultural dialogue (ICD), target practitioners in the field of education and development, teachers, social and youth workers, as well as policy-makers, civil servants and local and regional authorities.
Vic Klabbers, Ditta Dolejsiova and Celina Del Felice, from The Network University have been in charge of the content development and tutoring of the courses.
For more information, visit the The Council of Europe’s website

Or the courses websites:
Human Rights Dimension
Intercultural Dimension




Introduction to conflict studies – Master in Conflict Studies

We provide a one semester course at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. For more information, visit: For more information, contact Maria-Antonia Guardiola E-mail: mguardiolalop [at]