Past projects

Transnational activism and free trade  

Transnational activism and EU free trade agreements. Power between the tie and the t-shirt

This study Activists challenging free trade agreements are often portrayed as T-shirt wearing, banner-toting demonstrators at high level negotiation events. However, understanding of their strategies, power and the impact of their activities needs to go beyond this popular perception.
The study showed how activists can exercise power when trade negotiations involve bi-regional North-South politics. It explains the contributions of transnational activism to the process and outcomes of negotiations and how activism impacts the definition of the options open to the negotiators.  Her thesis also reflects about the role of activism in trade politics democratisation through a deliberative lens. Two sets of negotiations were examined, those between the European Union and countries of West Africa and Central America in the periods of 2003-2009 and 2007-2010.

Download the book.

Celina Del Felice will make a presentation about this study at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands on 18 September at 13.00.


Youth organisations as learning organisations

Youth and youth organisations are becoming valuable development partners, but little knowledge about their characteristics as learning organisations exists. This study looked into the perceptions of youth workers on this topic. These were gathered via an online survey and through research done in partnership with a youth network. Knowledge, skills and attitudes for active citizenship are facilitated by youth organisations as emergent learning spaces where peer-to-peer learning and experiential methods are central. Youth organisations adapt existing toolboxes and develop their own tools and knowledge that are more relevant to their needs. Support for youth organisations should take into account these special ways of learning.
The study was published in an article in the journal Development in Practice in 2011. You can find it here.
Authors: Celina Del Felice and Lillian Solheim


Youth in Peace-Building: Developing Criteria to Identify Good Practices

With a small grant from the International Peace Research Association we developed criteria and evaluation tools to assess youth peace work. The project team interviewed 19 young people active in peacebuilding and 32 organisations completed a written survey. We wanted to hear from young peace-builders themselves what the explicit and implicit, open and hidden, criteria of evaluation were. During the process we also consulted with practitioners and researchers.
An evaluation toolkit was produced, you can download it .
Authors: Lenka Chludova and Celina Del Felice
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