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Zahra Ismail

San Diego, U.S.A.

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Short bio

Zahra Ismail is a skilled conflict resolution practitioner with significant experience designing and managing violence prevention and peacebuilding programs, facilitating training and designing curriculum in countries across the globe. She has worked extensively with communities and individuals under threat to ensure their safety, mediated conflicts between individuals and groups, facilitated dialogue with key actors, and negotiated safe spaces for this dialogue to take place. In Sri Lanka she worked with human rights defenders, former child soldiers & ex-combatants, and oversaw a project focused on building community capacity in violence prevention and security. Ismail has been leading a project on violence prevention and strengthening police-youth relations in Kenya, and is co-leading a project focused on increasing and sustaining women's leadership in the political sphere in Cambodia. 
She holds a BA Honors in Human Rights & Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Carleton University in Ottawa, and an MA in Peace & Conflict Resolution from the European University Centre for Peace Studies in Austria. She is also completed her Master of Education degree specialized in curriculum & instruction at the University of San Diego.

Why I am a humble bee?

This type of platform is something that I have been thinking about and wanting to be a part of for a little while now and when I heard about the Humble Bees concept I was thrilled. I would like  to be a part of a community of practice  - share my own knowledge and skills with others and at the same time learn from others. This space also provides an opportunity to support each other in our work which I think is so vital. Being a part of a pool of consultants makes more sense to me than going out into consulting alone as it allows for this support, and for collaboration, sharing, learning and growth both personally and professionaly. 

Thematic expertise

  • Conflict transformation
  • Peace/Human rights/global education
  • Protection / violence prevention/ peacebuilding
  • Governance, civil society and participation
  • Gender / youth


  • International Project Management
  • Curriculum Design
  • Facilitation / Training
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational Development